I feel most content as a sugar baby. A paradox it may be, I take pleasure in belonging to somebody.

I enjoy having favorites... A favorite book, piece of jewelry, or song I find myself coming back to. Likewise, I enjoy having a favorite person above all... The continuation of a special connection is something to be grateful for... Just the right amount of familiarity, with the right person breeds bliss... Building trust and familiarity with one another intensifies chemistry and makes each successive time together all the more stimulating mentally and physically.

Ava's Sugar Baby & Daddy Arrangement General Expectations:

  • $4000 monthly allowance, provided monthly, cash or transfer

  • Our weekly date, off the clock, at your discretion

  • Wining & dining

  • Occasional shows & entertainment / culturally enriching experiences

  • Occasional gifts

  • Occasional pampering

  • My accompanying social events at your discretion

  • My accompanying your business / leisure travels at your discretion

  • My transportation to and from you, with you, taken care of by you or reimbursed

Sugar baby & daddy arrangements are available upon request. Express your interest, and please share with me your general expectations as daddy.